New Years Eve jams finally uploaded…

So sorry about the lack of action here, we’ve been slaaaack.

Finally got round to uploading a couple of live jams we did on New Year’s eve, Ben and Dave lahj with special guest Tess lahj!

All completely live down to stereo. No takes, edits, or even rehearsals !

Enjoy, WAV downloads available at Soundcloud.

Nice juan. Cheers, Lahj!

New live jam – slightly longer than your attention span

Another live jam, recorded last week. Completely impromptu jam, made up on the spot. Dave on the 909, 606, Boss distortion and more. Ben PDX on the x0x, blofeld and kurzweil. No computers. Mixing by any limbs available!

Free 320 download from Soundcloud. Get in touch if you require a WAV/FLAC… Not professionally mastered so its a little quiet, so turn it up!




Nice juan. lahj.

New remix uploaded.

We have entered the Mattias Friddel remix competition. Here’s our entry. It was the first tune we’ve done on lahj Ben’s new studio setup, and we’re very happy with it.

We’ll upload the video once we’ve synced the audio. :)

Cheers, lahj.

New live jam vid, dubbing the desk.


A more laidback, fx-drenched mix again done for the subsekt remix competition, but prob not going to be entered. Its very cool though in our humble opinion.

The way weve been working is to record everything down to 24 digital tracks, then to play those tracks back and concentrate on mixing it down. Its now, after a lot of hard work, travelling getting the kit together (Birmingham, Buxton and Beyond!) and a ridiculous amount of wiring, almost finished. It’s great. Its very liberating not using computers at all.

More videos and details to follow.

Cheers, lahj ben.

Old school hardware

We used a FLOPPY DISK (!) for the first time in probably 15 years, as part of our groundwork for our entry in the subsekt remix competition… first run, while flawed, was sounding pretty good, and we’re aiming to get together this weekend for another go… buzzing ;)

WTF is this?

To people born after 1990… this used to be cutting edge … 1.4mb of storage!